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27 March 2008 @ 06:29 pm
6/100 & puppies!  
 I have now read 6//100 of the books for the year! Only 94 left to read :P Click HERE for my review of the newer ones (Trust Me, I'm a (junior) Doctor & The Notebook)


By the way. I have the biggest news, ever possible, something i thought would never happen!
Samantha is allowed a dog!
A real life dog!
One that walks and everything, not one of those stuffed animal types (she checked ;) )

It has to be a puppy because of Ella and Ryan coming round all the time, but i have settled on something like a Springer Spaniel/Field Spaniel or a cross-breed from the dogs trust. I'm not spending insane amounts. I just want my puppy already!

I want a girl, i am loving the name Izzie....just because if she's naughty, how fun would it be to yell ISOBELLLLLLLL?! 
I have a couple names i'm picking through;
...........i don't think i can really choose for certain til i SEE her but those are 3 i've been mulling over.

& because i'm such a sad case and obviously have NO life! I want one of these awesome personalized collars for her. Teehee! Click HERE to see.

That's enough for now i reckon,